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Check Your TrustRank!

What is Trust Rank?
TrustRank algorithm was created to combat web spam. The algorithm is based on a semi-automatically technique. The basic idea of Trust Rank algorithm is that a link between two pages on the web signifies trust between them. The Trust of two sites can be propagated through the link structure on the Web. So, a list of highly trustworthy sites are selected to form the seed set and each of these sites is assigned a non-zero initial trust score, while all the other sites on theWeb have initial values of 0. A biased PageRank algorithm is then used to propagate these trust scores to their descendants. After convergence, good sites will have relatively high trust scores, while spam sites will have poor trust scores. For example, if more computers pages exist in the seed set than pages related to sports, then pages related to computers have a better chance of gaining higher trust scores than the pages related to sports.